Michaeljazz Bio

Michael Campbell is the Founder and Creative Director of the Michaeljazz Feel Good Lifestyle brand of clothing. He grew up with two passions: creative design and the empowerment of his fellow man. Although he initially pursued a diploma in furniture design, he found himself drawn to the world of clothing, where he found a way to combine his two passions for creativity and social good. His dream was to be able to show people how they could improve their sense of self-confidence, self-responsibility and sophistication by wearing clothing that projects a positive image.

In 1996, Michael used his Michaeljazz Attitude Duzit (does it) philosophy to turn his dreams into reality. He created a line of stylish logoed T-shirts and hats, and sold them out of a gym bag to friends and family members. Over the next few years, his business evolved from the gym bag to a flea market stand, and then to a kiosk in a shopping mall. On December 1st 2000, just four years after he started carrying around T-shirts in a gym bag, Michael opened his first store in the North York Sheridan Mall.

Since then, Michael has grown from strength to strength both personally and professionally. He took some time off to reflect on how he can continue to empower the people around him, and to create a world in which personal and social change can make anything possible. He will continue to use Michaeljazz as his vehicle for inspiring change and growth, and is ready to introduce his brand to an ever-increasing number of national and international markets.

Michael has his sights set on a brilliant future. He is planning to venture into other creative areas such as furniture and architectural design, music & entertainment, and fine cuisine.


“With the wonderful culture that has been cultivated by our company, and with a Michaeljazz Attitude Duzit in mind, I remain optimistic that we can make Michaeljazz an internationally competitive company.”

 Michael Campbell – Founder & Creative Director, Michaeljazz Feel Good Lifestyle Brand.