The Michaeljazz Foundation

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Create A World Where Self-Hatred And Social Inequalities Do Not Exist, And An Environment That Is Conducive To Personal And Social Evolution.

About Michaeljazz

The Michaeljazz movement started as a clothing line designed to inspire and empower. Michael Campbell, the founder and designer, wanted to show people that by portraying a positive image through the clothing that they wore, they could feel better about themselves and have more confidence to reach for their dreams.

In spite of its stylish beginnings, Michaeljazz is not just a clothing company. We are also an organization that promotes equality, self-confidence, and personal and social evolution. We have several exciting project in the works, including an innovative social media platform and our “Lead Without Title” initiative, which allows people to nurture their true gifts and passions. All of our projects are designed to promote self-responsibility and empowerment. 

Our Vision

Some might accuse us of having a “Mission Impossible”, but the word impossible is not in our vocabulary. We believe that we can be a part of creating an environment where personal and social evolution will happen.

The Michaeljazz Feel Good Lifestyle Brand Stands On Three Core Principles:

  1. The evolution of personal responsibility and accountability

  2. The design and implementation of policies and procedures that will promote a better social environment for all people

  3. The creation and distribution of fashionable products and services that are conducive to people feeling good and doing good


Michaeljazz has a mission to create an environment that is conducive to personal and social evolution. There are those who think this mission is impossible, but how many times have we seen mankind accomplish impossible things? When a college student named Mark Zuckerberg decided to find a way to connect everyone with everyone else, he did not listen to those who thought it would be impossible. Just a decade later, what we now know as Facebook has the same number of users as there are people in China – about 1.35 billion.

What if you could be a part of the same kind of revolution that Mark Zuckerberg created? What if you were a founding member of a massive movement to shift the way people look at themselves and the world around them?